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Important! When you visit a blog you have to do these 3 steps to secure your AdSense account and that of other members.
Step 1: Visit the blog and expect the green bar to load in the meantime you are browsing the first blog. When the seconds end, press Next.
Step 2: Navigate this second blog or website, then click on a AdSense ad. When the seconds end, press Next.
Step 3: You must validate your visit by clicking the image side up to receive your earning. You can close the window and come back to visit another blog to continue earning credits.
Important NOTE: When visiting the blogs please make sure to visit them correctly, navigating through their categories and posts and then doing a single click on one of the AdSense ads that contains the blog. It is important to do everything correctly so that our advertisers receive their income in AdSense and we can continue paying to you for the good work done.

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Instant Payment ! Free RRs ! Join Us Now !

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